Mission & Vision



Creating a sustainable future for the next generation by recycling post-consumed plastic packaging material



To become world leader in FIBC Bags recycling by 2030

Why FIBC Big Bags Recycling?

There was an age-old demand from People, Civil Society, Govt. in EU Countries for strong action on Waste Prevention, Packaging Waste Management & and packaging Circularity through increased use of Recycled material to ensure halting Biodiversity Loss & and creating a green environment. A new European Parliament Policy on Packaging and Packaging Waste has been coming into effect -"Waste Amending Regulation (EU) 2019/20".

We, keeping in view the above EU Policy, have decided to acquire majority Share from KSM Recycling gmbH in the Recycling business in Croatia (Europe) for manufacturing Granules from used Big bags.

Primary Granules produced from the Recycle Plant will be meant for Sale Locally in other EU Countries and other countries worldwide and exported to India after the observance of Country Regulatory Formality for Onward production conversion to PP FIBC bags made from recycled granules.

Considering the focus on the circular economy, many of our long-term partners/buyers in the Plastic Packaging Industry are greatly focusing on the recycling of post-consumer packaging materials. There is a huge demand for recycled granules in the market at present. With the new policy in place, we foresee further long-term sustainable growth in this Industry for decades.

Considering the awareness of the Green environment and the regulatory framework getting implemented in India in the form of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) in Plastic, we foresee an opportunity in the Recycling Business worldwide and our experience in Croatia will strengthen us in implementing Recycling Capacity in other countries as we grow.

Our Future Path

  • Phase 1

    DEC 2023

    Oparation Start

  • Phase 2

    SEPT 2024

    Capacity Enhancement

  • Phase 3

    JAN 2026

    Expectation for 2nd Factory

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